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    Bridges Monolithic/Porcelain

Crown and Bridges
A bridge is a fixed prostheses that as the name suggest, bridges two or more teeth and the spaces between them. At Diamond Dental Studio in Brampton, we use dental bridges to restore the space left behind by the permanent extraction of a compromised tooth.

Since the new space has no way for the new crown to be retained, the adjacent teeth must be used for retention. The adjacent teeth can either be prepped for crown fabrication to bridge the space, or can be fitted with "wings" that stem from the crown. This will fill the empty space to provide support.

bridges at Diamond Dental in Brampton

Bridges can be made from pretty much any standard dental material depending on a number of intra-oral factors. Our standard bridges are made out of zirconia layered with porcelain, an alternative choice is PFM bridges. We also offer short span all ceramic full contour bridges at our Brampton dental office.

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Production Timeline
Repairs/Relines Same Day
Bite Blocks/Custom Trays 2 Days
Setup Dentures 3 Days
Process Dentures 3 Days
Acrylic Partials 3-4 Days
Cast Partials 5 Days
Crown and Bridge 7 Days
Night Guards 7 Days
Depending on the complexity of the case additional time may be required to process your order. For same day repairs, pick up at 11am drop off at 4pm.

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