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    Implant Bars

Crown and Bridges
implant bars Implant bars are structures that are made to fit implants. These bar are made out of Titanium or Zirconia. These structures are used in many ways:

Hybrid Dentures: Dentures are processed onto the bar. The bar is then screwed for a fixed denture prostheses

Denture Attachment: Dentures are processed with clips. These clips attach to the fixed bar allowing for a removable prostheses with much better retention than a traditional denture.

Porcelain/Composite Layered: The bar is designed with tooth preps. The tooth preps are then layer directly with porcelain. The tissue part of the part of the bar is layered with porcelain or acrylic.

Crowned: The bar is designed with tooth preps. The tooth preps are then crowned with individual crowns or bridges. The tissue part of the bar is layered with acrylic or composite. (An ideal restoration due to the fact that if any tooth breaks, that one tooth can be replaced without replacing/fixing the whole bar)

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Production Timeline
Repairs/Relines Same Day
Bite Blocks/Custom Trays 2 Days
Setup Dentures 3 Days
Process Dentures 3 Days
Acrylic Partials 3-4 Days
Cast Partials 5 Days
Crown and Bridge 7 Days
Night Guards 7 Days
Depending on the complexity of the case additional time may be required to process your order. For same day repairs, pick up at 11am drop off at 4pm.

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