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    Long Term Temporaries

Crown and Bridges
dds lab brampton - long term temporaries
Long term temporaries differ from traditional temporary crowns in that they are processed using superior techniques and materials.

We mill all of our temporaries out of a pre-polymerized acrylic that is much stronger than the traditionally hand mixed/cold-cured one.

Long term temporaries are a great transitional prosthesis during fabrication of a complex crown and bridge case or during the healing period of implants.

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  Dental Lab in Brampton - Restorations

  Dental Lab in Brampton - Restorations

Production Timeline
Repairs/Relines Same Day
Bite Blocks/Custom Trays 2 Days
Setup Dentures 3 Days
Process Dentures 3 Days
Acrylic Partials 3-4 Days
Cast Partials 5 Days
Crown and Bridge 7 Days
Night Guards 7 Days
Depending on the complexity of the case additional time may be required to process your order. For same day repairs, pick up at 11am drop off at 4pm.

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